QEQCHI Partners,        Inc.A Non-Profit Organization specializing in assisting Mayan self-help programs
    Established on of the Mayan Long Cycle

The Qeqchi Partners, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to promote awareness of the Maya Qeqchi people and culture in Guatemala. Our purpose is to assist in the preservation of the Maya Qeqchi heritage, language, rights, and well being. We support programs which are designed to help them develop the skills, competencies, and attitudes of self-reliance needed for them to develop sustainable solutions to overcome the centuries of extreme poverty they have endured.

The Qeqchi Partners, Inc. supports efforts that address health and education inequalities in the region: unacceptably high infant and maternal deaths; chronic malnutrition; more than two million children in rural areas unable to attend school; and lack of access to running water, electricity, and modern sanitary facilities.

The country’s complex topography of roughly two-thirds mountains, its 24 languages, and a disenfranchised indigenous population significantly complicate efforts to expand health and education services.


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